Arrow History


  • Extension of strategic compounds portfolio for complex pharmaceutical targets isolation (new patent)
  • French Inter-Ministry Fund award granted to 3-year program (Chikvax) for developing new vaccine against Chikungunya
  • New review on “Overcoming bottlenecks in the membrane protein structural biology pipeline” (with Aston University)
  • Official launch of the common laboratory CHEM2STAB with the University of Avignon
  • New article published on novel Solubilization and Separation method (Analytical Biochemistry)
  • New article published on native and functional ion channel isolation (Protein expression and purification)


  • New US Business Office opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Patent on native isolation platform for complex therapeutic targets and antigens extended in Japan
  • Bio’Innov Competitiveness’ Award upon the Entrepreneurship Spring Event
  • €1 Million ($1,13 Million) second round funding with historical investors to license-out isolation technologies for complex therapeutic targets and viral antigens


  • Participation in the COST ion channel network project on the immune response
  • New patent on innovative manufacturing process for high performance influenza vaccines
  • Collaboration with Aston University on Multidrug Resistance Targets
  • New patent on strategic compounds for complex pharmaceutical target isolation


  • Strategic marketing agreement with ABL Inc
  • Innovation Prize from Rhône County
  • New Calixarene additive kit for crystallization


  • €0,87 Million ($1.2 Million) first round funding with regional angels funds (Health Angels Rhone-Alpes, Veymont Finance, Grenoble Angels, Savoie Angels) and one VCs (Siparex)
  • Involvement in COVALEPT project with SANOFI group, as leader for discovering and isolating new targets for leptospirosis vaccine development


  • CALIXAR founded by Emmanuel DEJEAN, Pierre FALSON (Research Director at the French National Research Center) and INP Entreprise as first investor