Membrane proteins isolation process : CALIXAR technology

CALIXAR offers a unique and patented technological platform allowing to isolate in solution – with the highest purity levels – full-length membrane proteins, while keeping their structural and functional integrity. Our approach represents the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to start and work with high quality targets or antigens before developing antibodies, formulating vaccines and/or discovering a primary lead through Structure Based Drug Design or High Throughput Screening assays.



Membrane proteins extraction and production

CALIXAR’s approach allows to preserve the original structure and function of membrane proteins (GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors, Anchors and Viral Proteins) providing solutions for pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology companies and academic teams to develop conformational antibodies, formulate new vaccines, carry out Structure Based Drug Discovery and/or HTS assays. Moreover, the expertise is also specifically adapted to downstream processing (DSP) as well as upstream processing (USP – expression part).


  • Membrane proteins represent more than 60% of all therapeutic targets. However only 1 percent of the 3D structures were solved mainly with mutations…
  • The real challenge with membrane proteins is to produce and isolate them in a native conformation without mutations or deletions and with high purity in solution.
  • Conventional approaches tend to affect the membrane proteins integrity forcing researchers to use bypass methods such as refolding or mutagenesis or not enough pure scaffolds systems.

MP Chart diagram

To overcome this crucial issue, our company develops new tools and protocols for the deorphanization, identification, expression, extraction, purification, stabilization, structural functional characterization, crystallization of membrane proteins as well as detergent quantification. The starting biological material (virus, bacteria, primary cells, organs,…) can be endogenous or recombinant systems. CALIXAR uses original, innovative and customized chemistry that aims to adapt to the biochemical characteristics of the target during the solubilization/ purification/stabilization steps.