CALIXAR and Bioinborn Scientific Inc. to conclude distribution agreement

CALIXAR is proud to announce the conclusion of new distribution agreement with Bioinborn Scientific Inc., a distributor with a wide range of reagents in China.

Under the agreement Bioinborn will promote and distribute CALIXAR’s high-quality membrane protein targets (for antibody development, drug discovery, and vaccine formulation) and customized reagents specifically designed for the extraction and/or stabilization of membrane proteins.

About Bioinborn

Bioinborn was founded in 2013. Its main business is divided into two parts: scientific research and diagnostics, including scientific instruments and reagents (Life Science), medical equipment and diagnostic reagents. It provides one-stop optimization services for universities, research institutes, hospitals and biological product manufacturing companies with advanced technology and product support. Now it has maintained good business cooperation relations with thousands of domestic customers.

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