Case Study:
Bacillus subtilis multidrug resistance ABC transporter BMRA

This is an example of stabilization of functional ABC transporter. BmrA is made of 12 transmembrane domains.

This protein was solubilized and purified using 2 methodologies either a conventional detergent or a calixarene based detergent. In both conditions, the protein was pure and was able to bind the ligand. Interestingly, when the ATPase activity was evaluated, only the calixarene based condition was able to maintain up to 90% the ATPase activity. While no activity was observed with the conventional condition event if this condition showed binding activity.

This result illustrates the importance of finding the correct detergent condition to maintain full functionality.

Off-the-shelf functional and pure BmrA protein produced as described above is now available for sale in our catalog.


plos one

Structuring Detergents for Extracting and Stabilizing Functional Membrane Proteins

Rima Matar-Merheb, et al. 2011