Luncheon Presentation at DDC Conference – 08-12 April 2019

CALIXAR to present at the 14th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference in San Diego.

Anass JAWHARI – CSO of CALIXAR – will be attending and presenting CALIXAR’s approach for the stabilization of native membrane protein targets for drug discovery. This would be held during a 30-minute luncheon break session on April 11th 2019 at 12h30 during the GPCR and Membrane Proteins Session.

The first 125 conference attendees will be given a luncheon box and will have the opportunity to discuss and interact with Anass during and after the presentation. You are also welcome to book some time in advance to meet with Anass by contacting him directly at

About the Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference 2018.

The 14th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry is a dynamic conference for medicinal chemists working in pharma and biotech. Focused on the discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates, this event provides many exciting opportunities for scientists to create a unique program to hear presentations most suited to one’s personal interests by going back and forth among concurrent conferences.

DATES : April 08-12 2019
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