19 February 2020

CALIXAR is willing to contribute to stop outbreak of Coronavirus

CALIXAR s'engage à collaborer pour arrêter l'épidémie du Coronavirus

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30 January 2020

CALIXAR, industrial representative at FRISBI Industrial Days, Paris 3-4 February

CALIXAR, membre du groupe "Industrie" des Journées FRISBI, Paris 3‑4 février

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23 January 2020

CALIXAR obtient le renouvellement de son agrément « Crédit d’Impôt Recherche » (CIR) pour 3 ans

CALIXAR has been granted by French Research Ministry with Research Tax Credit accreditation for 3 years

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13 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020 !

Best wishes 2020 from CALIXAR Team

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14 November 2019

New grant for membrane protein stabilization chemistry

CALIXAR, the French biotech company specialized in the native isolation of membrane therapeutic targets/antigens and the French University of Avignon – Bio-organic Chemistry and Amphiphilic Systems Team (CBSA) – announce new grant approval for the CHEM2STAB common laboratory (CHEMistry for STABilization) from the French National Research Agency (ANR).

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24 October 2019

New vaccine formulation against influenza infection

Calixar announces the publication of a new article in Vaccine by Calixar in collaboration with the VirPath laboratory (Lyon) and International infectious diseases Research Center, Quebec (Laval University). This publication describes an improved process to formulate the influenza vaccine since it allows the same protection in animals and neutralizing antibody responses but with 10 to 30-fold less antigen than the commercialized trivalent inactivated vaccines Vaxigrip® or Fluviral®.

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15 October 2019

Novel influenza vaccine : Calixar patent granted in Europe

After the United States Patent Office in last June, CALIXAR announces the grant of its patent by the European Patent Office concerning the preparation of vaccine antigens using an innovative splitting approach for the formulation of novel vaccines (EP3194433). This patent issued from the fruitful collaboration with the academic laboratory VirPath is a great step forward in the generation of safer and more efficient vaccine candidates.

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23 September 2019

New publication on Calixar's stabilization expertise for native MPs

Calixar announces the publication of a new article by Calixar in collaboration with Roche Pharmaceuticals and The University of Basel (Biozentrum) in Scientific Reports.

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6 September 2019

Novel innovative detergent family for MP extraction and stabilization

CALIXAR announces the publication of a new article in the framework of the CHEM2STAB common laboratory.

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