Membrane protein transporters

CALIXAR conducts intensive internal research efforts on all families of membrane proteins.

The production of the transporters listed below is currently being optimized in our labs and some of them are already available in our catalogue for research purposes only.

For all developments related to drug / biodrug discovery as well as antibody discovery, an exclusive or non-exclusive license must be set up.



Acriflavine resistance Proteine B

A bacterial multidrug exporter.

Good target for bacterial resistance indications.


Breast cancer Resistance Protein

Human breast cancer resistance protein transporter.

Good target for multidrug resistant breast cancer.


Bacilus subtilis multidrug resistance ABC transporter ATP-binding Protein

Efflux protein and ABC transporter acts as mechanical pumps for ATP dependent drug efflux.

Good target for Multi-drug resistance study.


Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1

Protein transporters wide range of therapeutic agents as well as diverse physiological substrate.

Good target for several cancers including those of the lung, breast and prostate, as well as childhood neuroblastoma.