Membrane Protein Products

CALIXAR provides both purified membrane proteins that are off the shelf ready for use as well as membrane protein extraction kits to clients to work with the highest quality membrane proteins on the market.


Most frequent questions and answers

Membrane proteins cover more than 70% of therapeutic targets that are involved in many biological processes. They represent 20-30% of all human proteins. They are crucial for cellular physiology and allow some cellular processes including cell adhesion, cell-cell communication, signal transduction, and transport. To work with these membrane proteins, it’s essential to control their extraction from their environment of origin.

By developing sophisticated chemically and well-defined detergents, CALIXAR has become the leader on the market with high-quality purified membraine proteins and patented detergents, reagents, and kits.

CALIXAR’s catalog contains different classes of membrane proteins. The GPCR group can act in various therapeutic areas as pain disorders, depression, insomnia, cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. Transporters are ideal for multi-drug resistance studies. None of our targets contain any mutation or truncation, they have maintained the highest levels of purity and all of their functional and structural integrities are intact. Thanks to these characteristics, all of our targets can be used in various applications such as drug screening, antibody development, and vaccines.

Solubilizing a membrane protein, while maintaining its stability, is an enduring challenge in membrane protein structural biology. The most efficient method to achieve this is the addition of surfactants such as detergents in the middle of membrane proteins to enable it to retain all its characteristics.

CALIXAR’s catalog contains detergents and stabilization reagents to extract membrane proteins with success. Surfactants are crucial tools for extracting membrane proteins from the membrane and maintaining them in a soluble and active state for further study.

All products of CALIXAR’s catalog can be used in any life science projects. We are able to advise and support pharmaceutical companies as well as biotech companies and academic centers in their discovery programs.

To lead successful life science projects, biological materials must be pure and be of the highest quality. Thanks to our membrane proteins pipeline, our clients can have confidence in the quality and purity of the protein.

When working with other targets, our wide range of detergents allows our clients to work while preserving all the functionalities of their proteins.

With our products, our clients can perform their research by using the best biological materials (native and full-length purified membrane proteins) and reagents. CALIXAR is a leader in the purified membrane protein market.

CALIXAR is a leader in the purified membrane proteins market and provides targets in full length and with a high level of purity incomparable with other commercialized purified membrane proteins. Detergents are unique and patented. They promise to resolve many problems of extraction and stabilization in the field of membrane proteins.