CALIXAR™ Solubilization & Stabilization Kit

CALIXAR’s screening kit helps to find the most suitable combination of CALIXAR’s reagents to extract and stabilize membrane proteins. 

CALIXAR™ Solublization & Stabilization Kit

Reach high solubility rate, increase your protein stability for your scientific projects with accurate results to discover new drugs (small molecules, antibodies, …) and to open new therapeutic pathways.

Compound name: CALIXAR™ Screening Kit

Catalogue number: CALIXAR-K1

Including reagents:  6 proprietary mild detergents and 4 proprietary stabilization reagents


MW: 497.6 – 2582 (g/mol)

Volume: CALIXAR-K1 is presented as a 10 x 100 µL microfuge tubes

For a typical 10-wells experiment: Add 250 µg of membrane protein sample, 10 µL of soft proprietary detergent and complete with buffer of choice to 50 µL.

For stabilization experiment also add 10µL of soft proprietary and stabilization reagent. 

Stability: Long term storage at -20 ° C.

Solubility: Provided in solution.

Working pH: Maintain pH between 6-9 for optimal results.

User guide and certificate of analysis will be including in your package.

€ 370.00

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First in market

CALIXAR is the first to produce native, wild-type, unmutated and untruncated targets.

Better discovery

Develop reliable and effective drugs and antibodies as they are not locked in any specific conformation.

Why choose us?

We use proprietary technology and custom-built method to give you the edge

CALIXAR’s solubilization and stabilization screening kit helps to extract and stabilize membrane therapeutic targets (GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, enzymes, …). This kit includes 6 proprietary mild detergents and 4 proprietary stabilization reagents to improve trials and research involving membrane proteins.

With 10 tests, our screening assay kit can be used to determine the best reagent or the most suitable combination of reagents to extract, solubilize and stabilize native and functional membrane proteins in a solution.  

Thanks to these reagents, our clients can obtain pure and functional membrane proteins with high medical relevance to discover new drugs (small molecules, antibodies,  vaccines, …). 

CALIXAR’s screening assay kit contains 10 proprietary mild detergents and stabilization reagents. These molecules are specifically designed to extract and stabilize membrane proteins while preserving their functionalities.

CALIXAR™ Solubilization and Stabilization Screening Kit is used for research, drug discovery, and structural studies that are used in the life science fields. Particularly adapted for biotechnology companies, as well as for academic teams (structural biologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, virologists).

  • Antibodies (including nanobodies, scaffold proteins, aptamers)
  • Small molecules
  • 3D Structures (cryoEM, XRay crystallography, NMR, SANS, SAXS)
  • Drug discovery (Screening: HTS, FBDD, SBDD; Hit and lead validation)
  • Antibody discovery (Immunization and display technologies)
  • Clinical stage (drug validation on reliable native DDLAC)


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