Purified Membrane Proteins

CALIXAR offers out-of-the-shelf membrane proteins for your discovery projects.


Calixar Purified Proteins


CALIXAR patented technological platform allows the isolation in solution of full length and pure to highly pure membrane proteins– GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins – while keeping their structural and functional integrity (no refolding step and mutagenesis). This innovative approach allows the native isolation of membrane proteins from relevant expression systems.


These proven high quality targets can be used for antibody development, vaccine formulation and/or drug discovery (FBDD, SBDD, …).


Please find below the list of available proteins:

Target Name (1,2)
Family Expression System
 Quantity (3)
Price (4)(for 10µg) Datasheet Order (5)
(Adenosine receptor A2A)
Class A GPCR Sf9 From 10µg up to mg scale 1000 € PDF email
(Melatonin receptor 1)
Class A GPCR Sf9 1000 € PDF email
(Bacilus subtilis multidrug resistance ABC transporter ATP-binding Protein)
ABC Transporter E. coli 200 € PDF
(Acriflavine resistance Proteine B)
Multidrug Efflux Transporter E. coli 200 € PDF email
(Voltage-gated sodium channel)
Ion Channel CHO 2500 € PDF email
(Neuron-specific K-Cl Cotransporter)
Ion Channel HEK Coming soon
(M2 influenza Proton channel)
Ion Channel CHO Coming soon


All these proteins are also available under the proteoliposome format
Membrane preparations of each target can be ordered on demand
Specific quantities can be provided upon request depending on the target
Prices do not include customs and shipping costs
5 Minimum order amount must be 1000€


Other targets can be provided upon request (see our services webpage).
Please contact us using our form for any specific questions.