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B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 - Class A GPCR

CALIXAR’s B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 helps to identiy validated target of monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of all B-cell lymphomas and leukemias as well as autoimmune diseases.

B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 is a powerful clinically-validated therapeutic target of monoclonal antibodies  especially in the treatment of malignancies and auto-immune disorders.

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CD20 is a protein that is present on the surface of B-lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) and is considered a validated target for the treatment of B cell lymphomas, leukemias, and autoimmune diseases.

Target name: B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 (CD20)

Gene: MS4A1

Uniprot Accession: P11836

Origin: Human (Homo sapiens)

Class: Class A GPCR

Sequence: Full-length, wildtype sequence, with a C-terminus TEV protease cleavage site, FlagTag and a 10xHis-tag

Affinity Tag: Flag/His (both C-terminal)

Catalogue number: PP6

Theor. MW: 36,8kDa

Shipment temperature: Dry Ice

Storage conditions: Store at -80°C

Expression system: HEK (baculovirus)

Purity: >90%

Purification: Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography

Activity: Confirmed by radiobinding assay

Concentration: Up to 5mg/ml

Sample buffer: 1X TBS, 150mM NaCl, 10% glycerol, 5 mM  Calx7gluk (2CMC)

Available quantity: From 10µg up to mg scale

€1,000.00 (10µg)

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First in market

CALIXAR is the first to produce native, wild-type, unmutated and untruncated targets.

Better discovery

Develop reliable and effective drugs and antibodies as they are not locked in any specific conformation.

Why choose us?

B-lymphocyte antigen CD20: We use a unique & custom-built approach to give us the edge

As with all GPCRs, the Cluster of Differentiation 20 is an unstable target and is difficult to produce natively with conventional approaches. The protein is a target for therapy in some types of B-cell lymphomas, autoimmune diseases, and other pathologies. 

B-lymphocyte antigens CD20 have only ever been inherently unstable, but not anymore.

Cluster of Differentiation 20 CALIXAR’s B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 facilitates reliable fragment-based drug design (FBDD), structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) and antibody discovery against this specific target.
B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 maintains its structural and functional integrity and is purified and stabilized to full length and wild-type (native) proteins. 

CALIXAR’s CD20 membrane protein opening the way in the discovery and optimization of next-generation therapeutic antibodies.

CALIXAR’s CD20 membrane protein is high-quality target used for drug discovery in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
The integrity of CALIXARR’s CD20 membrane target ensures precious results in discovery as the identification of new antigens or markers for specific diseases and pathologies. 

The interest in the CD20 membrane protein stems from its unique expression pattern on B-lymphocytes. Because CD20 is not found on normal cells, drugs that target this protein can selectively kill cancerous B-lymphocytes while leaving normal cells unharmed. This makes CD20 an attractive target for cancer treatment, particularly for B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas and other related diseases.

  • Antibodies (including nanobodies, scaffold proteins, aptamers)
  • Small molecules
  • 3D Structures (classical X-ray or XFEL, Cryo-EM, NMR)
  • Drug discovery (Screening: HTS, FBDD, SBDD; Hit and lead validation)
  • Antibody discovery (Immunization and display technologies)
  • Clinical stage (drug validation on reliable native CD20)​

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