Purified Membrane Proteins

M2 Ion Channel

CALIXAR’s M2 influenza Proton channel assists in the discovery, improvement, and validation of new molecules as well as therapeutic antibodies. They are exemplary candidates for the blockage of viruses from the host cell.

M2 (Influenza Proton channel M2) are robust therapeutic targets particularly in the blockage of the virus from the host cell entry.

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M2 is a cell surface protein of the influenza virus that functions as a selective ion channel proton that is integral in the viral envelope of the influenza virus. The channel is a homotetramer of four identical units.

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First in market

CALIXAR is the first to produce native, wild-type, unmutated and untruncated targets.

Better discovery

Develop reliable and effective drugs and antibodies as they are not locked in any specific conformation.

Why choose us?

We use a different & custom-produced method to give us the edge

CALIXAR’s M2 (Influenza Proton channel) enables reliable fragment-based drug design (FBDD), structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) and antibody discovery against this specific target.

As with all ion channels, M2s are intrinsically unpredictable targets and are complex to produce natively with standard procedures. Classical approaches result in an M2 that becomes mutated, truncated and chimeric. In addition, this modified variant does not translate the native conformation of the channel.

Contrarily, Calixar is able to produce M2 proteins that preserve the structure and function of the target. Our M2 is pure, native, unaltered and stable. There is no mutation or truncation, thus not locked in any artifactual conformation. Our M2 ion channels are also tetrameric and show specific protons and their selective ion channel activity (Mandon E. et al., 2016, Protein Expression and Purification).

CALIXAR’s M2 is produced in an eukaryotic system with customary post-translational modifications (acetylation, phosphorylation). Our M2 membrane proteins (Influenza Proton channel) maintain their structural and functional integrity and are purified and stabilized to full length and wild-type (native) ion channels.

CALIXAR’s M2 (Influenza Proton channel M2) is the one native full-length and functional target on the market. Other existing M2 targets are either mutated or truncated.

With the ability to adapt the buffer condition, our purified M2 proteins are tetrameric and show specific proton selectiveness on ion channel activity.

Calixar’s M2 (Influenza Proton channel M2) are high-quality membrane proteins utilized in the discovery of new treatments for disease and are adapted for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, as well as for academic organizations that are involved in the life science fields.

  • Vaccines
  • Antibodies (including nanobodies, scaffold proteins, aptamers)
  • Small molecules
  • 3D Structures (classical X-ray or XFEL, Cryo-EM, NMR)
  • Drug discovery (Screening: HTS, FBDD, SBDD; Hit and lead validation)
  • Antibody discovery (Immunization and display technologies)
  • Clinical stage (drug validation on reliable native M2)​


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