CALIXAR enters into collaboration with Kobe University to explore stabilized native membrane protein dynamics in reconstituted membranes using fluorescence

CALIXAR launches new funding round to establish business strategy

CALIXAR is willing to contribute to stop outbreak of Coronavirus

CALIXAR (Lyon, France) and the CBI/IGBMC (Strasbourg, France) announce a strategic Cryo Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) partnership

CALIXAR, industrial representative at FRISBI Industrial Days, Paris 3-4 February

CALIXAR obtient le renouvellement de son agrément « Crédit d’Impôt Recherche » (CIR) pour 3 ans

CALIXAR obtient le renouvellement de son agrément « Crédit d’Impôt Recherche » (CIR) pour 3 ans

Happy New Year 2020 !

New grant for membrane protein stabilization chemistry

CALIXAR and COSMO BIO to conclude distribution agreement

New vaccine formulation against influenza infection

Novel influenza vaccine : Calixar patent granted in Europe

New publication on Calixar's stabilization expertise for native MPs

Novel innovative detergent family for MP extraction and stabilization

Calixar novel patent publication

New publications on MRP4 solubilization and stabilization

Calixar and VirPath patent granted in the United States

Case Study Highlight in Instruct-ERIC Network Brochure

New glycosylated calixarene-based detergent for MP stabilization

CALIXAR in Biotech Finance (FR)

Biotem enters into collaboration with Calixar for the development of therapeutic antibodies against membrane protein targets

MemTrain EU-Cofund Award

Calixar signs exclusive licensing agreement with Regeneron on undisclosed therapeutic target

Calixar announces a collaborative research agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific on multiple membrane proteins of high relevance to drug discovery

CALIXAR presentation at PEGS Summit: 08-12 April 2019

Novel innovative detergent family for MP extraction and stabilization

PROMETEUS Kick-Off Meeting - February 18-19, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

New publication in Cancers

Bcl-2 Associated Athanogene 3 (BAG3)

Voltage-gated Sodium Channel (Nav1.7)

Influenza A - H1N1 vaccinal preparation

Influenza Matrix Protein 2 (M2)

K-Cl co-transporter 2 (KCC2)

ABC Transporter (BmrA)

HIV Proteins envelop


Melatonine Receptor 1 (MT1)

Adenosine Receptor (A2A)

Novel innovative detergent family for membrane-protein extraction

New publication on native GPCR stabilization

CALIXAR Best Inventing French-Tech Company 2018

New Review on Membrane Proteins

FEBS Youth Travel Fellowship Award

New Article Published

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CALIXAR and ASTRAZENECA to publish new insight on KCC2 architecture and function in Scientific Reports

First Distribution Agreement

Novel Additive Crystallization Kit

Fisher Life In The Lab

New Catalogue 2017

Shaping the future of innovative vaccination against leptospirosis

New role of the KCC2 N-Terminus on cell surface delivery

Detergent Quantification Tool

Leptospirosis Antigen Identification

Happy New Year 2017!

Novel Solubilization Screening Method

New Publication on Influenza Target

La Gazette Labo (FR)

Marseille La Tribune (FR)

Eurobiomed (FR)

Launch of Chem2Stab

Midi Libre (FR)

CALIXAR and University of Avignon to launch new research lab developing innovative chemistry for target discovery

New Stabilizing Compounds

ChikVax Project Approval

New review article and award

CALIXAR in Nature Communications

Therapeutic Antibody Engineering Workshop

CALIXAR and Biouniversa to publish unprecedented new insights on Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in Nature Communications

New US Office in Massachusetts

Innovative French Companies Map (FR)

Calixar Patent Granted in Japan

CALIXAR Bio'Innov Laureate

CALIXAR Bio’Innov Laureate

Biopharma Dive

Calixar raises €1 Million

CALIXAR raises €1 Million

Major Advances on Influenza Vaccines

Happy New Year 2015!

CALIXAR in Biocentury News

COST Action Approval

CALIXAR and ASTON University collaboration on multidrug resistance targets

Calixar and Aston University Collaboration

GDR3545 - 20-22 Oct 2014

Major Breakthrough in Influenza Vaccines

New Strategic Compounds

New Strategic Compounds

CALIXAR to extend its portfolio of strategic compounds for complex pharmaceutical target isolation

Lyon Première (FR)

Video presentation of CALIXAR

Agir et Entreprendre (FR)

Rhône Press (FR)

CALIXAR, a rising star

NETVA 2013 winners with Steve Blank @ K&S Ranch

CALIXAR joined the GDR3545 membership – GPCRs from physiology to drugs

ABL Strategic Marketing

COM Discovery on Target

Molecular Dimensions

CALIXAR to open First Office in USA

CALIXAR to open First Commercial Branch in Japan

Biopartnering Vancouver

2012 Nobel Prize for Research on GPCR

Research Agreement with Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

VOX Rhône Alpes (FR)

La Tribune (FR)

Capital Finance (FR)

Bionity (FR)

Startup Report


CFO News (FR)

Finactu (FR)

CALIXAR closes an initial €875,000 funding round

Research Agreement with Oxford University

Research Agreement with Calabria University

Research Agreement with Gottigen University

Research Agreement with Ruhr University Group

Research Agreement with Utrecht University Group

Research agreement with leading pharmaceutical company

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Entrepreuneurial Network Laureate

Lyon Science Transfert Prize