Membrane Protein Assays
Biochemical Assays and Characterization Services

CALIXAR provides high-quality membrane protein biochemical assays and characterization services for scientists, researchers and who require physical characterization of their membrane protein targets of concern. Our services are primarily used for (bio)drug discovery and are conformed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology firms, as well as for life sciences academic teams.

CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Biochemical Assay and Protein Characterization Services

CALIXAR’s Biochemical Membrane Protein Assays and Protein Characterization Services support pharmaceutical businesses, biotechnology firms, as well as academic teams to work with leading-quality and reliable targets at the discovery or clinical stages of (bio)tech discovery.

CALIXAR’s clients’ projects can be fully performed in any kind of biochemical assays or protein characterization that is needed. CALIXAR gathers all in one place, the know-how, and technology required to the drug discovery challenges, allowing to optimize timelines improve the success rate. CALIXAR will be your unique contact and that can deals with all your projects based on membrane proteins (no longer need for service providers localized at different sites).

Employ CALIXAR’s Membrane Protein Biochemical Assays and Characterization Services to generate information regarding:

  • Identification of targets/antigens partners by Co-purification and mass spectrometry 
  • Characterization of (Western Blot, Coomassie Gel, SDS Page)
  • Purity levels evaluation
  • Aggregation/oligomerization state assessment by Native Page, SEC and SEC-MALS
  • Stability measurements (thermostability assays)
  • Homogenization degrees (DLS, Native Page, Electron Microscopy Characterization)
  • Functional activity (transport assays, radio binding assays, enzymatic assays, current/voltage clamp assays for ion channel).

Thermal Stability Assays

CALIXAR's Thermal Stability Assays provides information on expression levels, stability and ligand binding of membrane proteins.