Membrane Protein Production
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From membrane protein production, expression to purification and characterization, CALIXAR has the membrane protein production technology to boost your discovery programs.

CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Production

Proteins transporting molecules across cell membranes are critical for understanding cellular functions and constitute about 30% of drug targets on the market today. These membrane proteins play key roles in many areas of biology, such as biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, and medicine. The design of new types of drugs targeting these proteins is underway as scientists around the world attempt to address unmet medical needs such as atherosclerosis, epilepsy, and pain management.

Protein expression and membrane protein production

The first step in membrane protein research is the identification of membrane proteins that may serve as drug targets for the treatment of a given disease. Identification and purification of membrane proteins is perhaps the most challenging part of membrane protein research. There are multiple systems used to express membrane protein, but none fully mimic all aspects of cell membrane biology and membrane protein structure. For this reason, it is helpful to test different membrane protein expression systems to choose the one that best suits the membrane protein of interest.

CALIXAR’s membrane protein expression systems can meet all your membrane protein expression needs. It can be human cell membrane proteins, lipids, and other membrane components. Our membrane proteins are fully functional and under native-like cellular conditions, with membrane lipid composition and membrane protein organization identical to their original self in the membrane. In addition, our human membrane proteins are produced by a robust mammalian cell membrane protein expression system, which is stable over many passages. It exhibits a high yield of membrane protein production and is fully scalable from lab scale to production scale for membrane protein isolation and purification.

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