Validation of membrane protein expression

Each discovery project on membrane protein targets requires its expression. There are various recombinant expression systems and different primary cell lines that express proteins very differently. Since membrane proteins belong to wide range of diverse families and classes with all kind of biochemical characteristics, there is no perfect expression system.

Defining the best expression system or relevant primary cell for a specific target allowing good quantity and quality is crucial to the success of discovery programs. In order to qualify the system to start with, CALIXAR can provide its assistance to ensure that the expression system of choice is well aligned with the biological question that need to be addressed.


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By implementing steps 1 to 6 above, we will determine if your expression system is well adapted to your drug discovery purposes targeting membrane proteins. This innovative process will prevent you from inappropriate expression systems and allow you to save lots of time and money. Calixar can also help you to find alternatives in case your expression would not pass the qualification steps.

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