HIV Proteins envelop GP120/GP41


This is an example generated by CALIXAR in collaboration with SCRIPPS and IAVI (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative).


We have conducted a study using some of our compounds to see the impact on stability of the trimer of HIV protein envelop. The trimer of HIV envelop is made of GP120 and GP41. We could see that using LMNG which was the existing best condition, after 3 hours at 4°C the trimer was falling apart. Interestingly, using some of our optimized/ customized compounds, we obtained a protein trimer that was much more stable over time at 4°c but also at room temperature and even at 37°c. These complexes were evaluated by binding of different conformational antibodies and they turned out to be slightly different in term of structure and conformation.


The HIV trimer was stable in gel filtration and it led to non-aggregated and homogenous stabilized spikes starting from inactivated viruses.