NAV 1.7 Voltage-gated sodium channel


Another highly druggable target is Nav1.7. It is a voltage-gated sodium channel and plays a critical role in nociception and pain. We could produce this target in CHO cells and could see that in Native Page it was not aggregate.

Size exclusion chromatography and negative stain electron microscopy could confirm that our solubilized/ purified NaV1.7 (using proprietary detergent and methodology) was not aggregated.


We could see also using activity assay that there is ligand activation typical to this type of ion channel.


It is interesting to notice that when we heat the Nav1.7 purified sample, we lose the ligand binding in this ProTx-II saturation binding assay. A functional antibody was generated from this preparation (undisclosed).


Off-the-shelf functional and pure Nav1.7 protein produced as described above is now available for sale in our catalogue.


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