VIDEO : CALIXAR’s flash presentation at the “i-GPCRnet” international meeting

Last week, CALIXAR participated at the “i-GPCRnet” event, from November 30th to December 03rd.

As a reminder: The i-GPCRnet meeting gathers G-protein-couped receptors (GPCRs) specialists from internationally renowned labs. The main objective of this online gathering is to share knowledges to better understand the impact of GPCR’s microenvironments on therapies.

On this event, Vincent Corvest, our Senior Scientist and Business developer, had the opportunity to introduce CALIXAR’s expertise and its work on the A2AAR with Edelris.

CALIXAR is specialized in membrane proteins, including GPCRs. Its expertise goes from identification and production of these proteins to their characterization. In numerous projects, it has helped biotech and pharmaceuticals companies in their work on challenging membrane therapeutical targets.

You can watch the entire CALIXAR flash presentation online on our youtube channel :

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