Founded in 2011, CALIXAR has been developing and improving its technology with major milestones such as first round funding with regional angels, new patents, its services and products worldwide from France or through local partners, building joint partnerships, and publishing peer-reviewed articles via The World Vaccine Congress.


  • CALIXAR has been granted by French Research Ministry with Research Tax Credit accreditation for 3 years.
  • CALIXAR has participated to FRISBI Industrial Day and to the associated Users Meeting.
  • CALIXAR enters into Cryo-EM collaboration with CBI/IGBMC to unlock structure-based drug design for challenging membrane protein targets.
  • Calixar launches new funding round to establish business strategy.
  • CALIXAR enters into collaboration with Kobe University to explore stabilized native membrane protein dynamics in reconstituted membranes using fluorescence.
  • CALIXAR contributes to stop outbreak of Coronavirus and participates at Virtual Partnering against Covid-19.
  • CALIXAR takes part in digital RESI 2020 and presents its new funding round that will allow it to expand its licensing business model and develop a pipeline of targets of pharmaceutical interest.
  • CALIXAR has exchanged with many pharmaceutical industries during the Bio online events.


  • CALIXAR and VirPath patent granted in the United States: innovative splitting approach for the formulation of novel vaccines.
  • Official grant for CALIXAR’s patent by the European Patent Office for the synthesis of novel family of compounds for stabilizing native functional membrane proteins.
  • CALIXAR publishes a new article with Roche Pharmaceuticals and The University of Basel (Biozentrum) in Scientific Reports on the extraction and purification of native CD20.
  •  New article by CALIXAR in collaboration wit the VirPath laboratory (Lyon) and International infectious diseases Research Center, Quebec (Laval University) which describes an improved process to formulate the influenza vaccine


  • CALIXAR named best inventor 2018 of the French Auvergne-Rhône Region among French-Tech start-up companies.
  • Podium presentation held at the 5th NoValiX Conference in Boston to highlight new published work on adenosine receptor (A2A).
  • Peer-reviewed article accepted on a new class of innovative detergents designed to tackle the problem of membrane proteins instability in collaboration with P. FALSON and A. BOUMENDJEL’s laboratory (Angewandte Chemie).
  • Peer-reviewed article accepted on native GPCR biochemistry and stabilization in collaboration with the Institute of Analytical Sciences and Cochin Institute (Scientific Reports).
  • New review published on the solubilization and stabilization of wild-type and full-length membrane proteins (Methods).
  • First CHEM2STAB review accepted on the development of a novel innovative detergent family for membrane-protein extraction (Methods).


  • Three podium presentations held at World Vaccine Congress to highlight the potential of CALIXAR expertise in vaccine antigen preparation.
  • Three peer-reviewed articles accepted on membrane protein biochemistry and structural biology in collaboration with ASTRAZENECA, INMED, IGBMC and IBCP.
  • Launching of CALIXAR catalogue of products and first contracts concluded with SAPPHIRE NORTH AMERICA and G-BIOSCIENCES for the distribution of membrane proteins and reagents.
  • New CALIXAR™ C2B Additive Kit for crystallization launched and distributed by MOLECULAR DIMENSIONS.
  • New patent published on antigen identification for Leptospirosis virulence (issued from the COVALEPT consortium with Merial, Genostar, Vetagro-Sup and Institut Pasteur).
  • New patent published on new calixarene glycoside detergent and its use for extraction and stabilization of native functional membrane proteins.
  • CALIXAR as invited speaker at Brussels University (VIB) membrane protein workshop.


  • Extension of strategic compounds portfolio for complex pharmaceutical targets isolation (new patent)
  • French Inter-Ministry Fund award granted to 3-year program (Chikvax) for developing new vaccine against Chikungunya
  • New review on “Overcoming bottlenecks in the membrane protein structural biology pipeline” (with Aston University)
  • Official launch of the common laboratory CHEM2STAB with the University of Avignon
  • New article published on novel Solubilization and Separation method (Analytical Biochemistry)
  • New article published on native and functional ion channel isolation (Protein expression and purification)


  • New US Business Office opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Patent on native isolation platform for complex therapeutic targets and antigens extended in Japan
  • Bio’Innov Competitiveness’ Award upon the Entrepreneurship Spring Event
  • €1 Million ($1,13 Million) second round funding with historical investors to license-out isolation technologies for complex therapeutic targets and viral antigens


  • Participation in the COST ion channel network project on the immune response
  • New patent on innovative manufacturing process for high performance influenza vaccines
  • Collaboration with Aston University on Multidrug Resistance Targets
  • New patent on strategic compounds for complex pharmaceutical target isolation


  • Strategic marketing agreement with ABL Inc
  • Innovation Prize from Rhône County
  • New Calixarene additive kit for crystallization
  • CALIXAR open first office in USA 


  • €0,87 Million ($1.2 Million) first round funding with regional angels funds (Health Angels Rhone-Alpes, Veymont Finance, Grenoble Angels, Savoie Angels) and one VCs (Siparex)
  • Involvement in COVALEPT project with SANOFI group, as leader for discovering and isolating new targets for leptospirosis vaccine development


  • CALIXAR founded by Emmanuel DEJEAN, Pierre FALSON (Research Director at the French National Research Center) and INP Entreprise as first investor